Transportation Youth Academy

The Transportation Workforce Institute (TWI) and Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing Pathway at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC) welcomes you to the transportation youth academy (TYA) for high school students, grades 9-12. In TYA, participants explore the transportation industry and participate in real-world transportation projects. Academy activities and projects are replicable and incorporate engaging videos, content, and “hands-on” activities. The overall intent of the program is to increase youths’ awareness and understanding of the transportation industry and career opportunities while gaining fundamental technical and teamwork skills including working on exciting and worthwhile industry projects.

TYA is a program designed to be implemented during a five-week summer session. However, the curriculum is modularized into discrete activities and projects that can organized to fit any configuration and schedule. This page provides descriptions of each module along with links to the resources used. Each module includes a button linking to the implementation of it with youth. The Youth Academy Video, below, showcases how the modules come together and provides insight into the reactions of youth participating in TYA at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.

In addition, a TYA youth website with all TYA activities and projects is available for youth participants. The site is designed for self-paced exploration and learning or to be used to supplement in-class experiences. The website is located at:

Guides and Resources

Activity and Project Guides

Click the link below to download all the student and teacher activity and project documentation in a single .zip file. Both PDF’s and editable MS Word or PowerPoint documents are included. Links to PDF versions of the documents for each activity are included beneath the description of the activity.

Additional Resources

Overview of Transportation Youth Academy Modules

Transportation Exploration:
The U.S. Transportation System

A highway from above

This activity takes the students on a journey across the country to discover how the U.S. transportation system works, including a “behind the scenes” look at the modes of transportation, components, careers, infrastructure, and issues of the aging system that cannot keep pace with a growing US population.


Exploring Transportation Careers

Onet Profiler Logo

People who work in careers that match their interest are typically more successful and fulfilled. In this activity students use the ONet Interest Profiler assessment to identify their interests and match them to careers best suited to their interests, in transportation and other industries. Students use their Interest Profiler results, along with documents they download from Career Café, to gain insight into their career interests and options.