Workforce Development Gaps for In-Demand / Hard-to-Fill Occupations in the Transit Industry: Los Angeles County, October 1, 2018

Key workforce development gaps identified through research on ten, in-demand/hard-to-fill occupations in the transit industry in Los Angeles County, California.

Building Career Pathways in the Transit Industry: Workforce Initiative Now-Los Angeles, October 1, 2018

A brief overview of Workforce Initiative Now-Los Angeles and in-depth analysis of occupations within the initiative’s career pathways and corresponding postsecondary educating and training programs in Los Angeles County, California.

Transit / Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Competency Model, May, 2018

A competency model to guide workforce development activities for transit, heavy vehicle maintenance occupations and the individuals who work in them.  This model serves as a resource for: (1) Individuals / students, (2) Educators / trainers, (3) Employers /HR, and (4) Assessment professionals.

Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, CA  July, 2017

A detailed overview and look at the vitality and economic-mobility-potential of transit and ground transportation industries in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California.

Transportation and Warehousing Workforce Development Framework for Action: Los Angeles and Orange Counties, CA  July, 2017

Summary | Full Report

A framework for action to guide postsecondary workforce development strategies and actions for middle-skill occupations in the transportation and warehousing industry in Los Angeles and Orange counties, California.

Transportation Workforce Institute Fact Sheet 2019

A one-page snapshot of the Transportation Workforce Institute, including our mission, an overview, statement of the need, key strategies, and immediate priorities.

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Rail Education and Training Provider Landscape March 2016

This landscape of rail education and training providers in the U.S. (and in some cases other countries) includes:

(1) the name of the college, university, and/or organization; (2) the state it is located in (if applicable); (3) type of program it offers (certificate, degree, training, other); (4) program name(s); (5) program description; (6) organization and program URLs; and (7) contact information.

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Transportation Centers and Institutes: The U.S. Landscape  March 2016

This national landscape of U.S. transportation Centers and Institutes includes:

(1) the name of the institute; (2) it’s sponsoring organization (if applicable); (3) information on its type in terms of a “Collaborative” comprised of multiple organizations, an “Education”, “Research”, and/or “Workforce Development”-focused; (4) its mission; (5) year established; (6) its geographic focus (if applicable or known); (7) if it is an official University Transportation Center (UTC), (8) its primary focus; (9) its degree level (if an Education type organization); (10) contact information; (11) information on publications and/or conferences it produces, (12) and other miscellaneous information and notes.